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Fixing Marks On The Green

1. Find the ball mark on the green and get your divot repair tool or a golf tee. If you cannot find your ball mark or you did not make a ball mark, find another ball mark to fix. There are always some unfixed marks around.

2. Push the divot repair tool into the ground at a 45-degree angle directly outside the pitch mark.

3. Pull the divot repair tool toward the center of the mark. Many golfers push the tool down and away from the center, causing the center to rise to the level surface. This will make the mark smooth, but it actually separates the grass from its root system. The grass will die, and the green will be left with a brown spot that lasts for weeks.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 on all angles of the pitch mark until you have what looks like a small mound.

5. Tap the mound with the bottom of your putter so it is level with the putting surface.

Additional Tips

·Fix 2 or 3 ball marks per green, if possible.

·If you are playing with someone who is not repairing their ball marks, do it for them and be sure to let them see you do it. Hopefully by the next hole, they will feel guilty and begin fixing their own marks.

·You are allowed to fix a ball mark not belonging to you without penalty if it is in your putting line.

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